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Ask your questions, doubts, queries. Know more of your medicine, your treatment options available, what you need to do in your illness. Know which is right pathy or mode of treatment for your disease.

Have a non biased advice. Discuss your symptom, disease, tratment and medicines.

AtmaVeda Yog

AtmaVeda Yog Pvt Ltd. is an innovative one of its kind company around the globe which invents disgnostic tools based on yoga, runs clinic, manages hospitals, conducts research in yoga and medicine, trains doctor and students in AtmaVeda Yog. It is also involves in making proprietary medical preparation.

It works for, Social sector, Corporate sector And is also open to work for governments around the world in field of medicine, community screening, yoga therapies and education.


Life is meaningful when we have happiness, inner peace, strength & worth living long.

Diet Pratyahara

Diet Pratyahara improves Guna-dharma, Sanskar & Yog-anurup falaprapti. It cures disease and give health.

Exercise Chiratarunya

Exercise healing disease, giving Arogya-sampada & staying young without aging is Exercise Chiratarunya.

Yog-E Nidaan

Yog-E diagnoses the unknown Root Cause, your Dosha's. Detects early before the disease process begins ,helps to prevent and cure disease.

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