AtmaVeda Yog Pvt. Ltd. is a new start-up company dedicated and formed to serve & Promote affordable Healthcare, Innovation and Research based on the principles of yoga. Its founder is Dr. Sadanand Shivram Rasal & Mrs Shital Narendra dhole.

Head office: 34/3, Santo Tukadoji Nagar, Rahatni, Pune.

The company is dedicated for innovation called UEP, which means-

  • Utilization of knowledge from AtmaVeda and Yog
  • Expansion and
  • Promotion of AtmaVeda Yog through the form of yoga developed by Dr. Sadanand.


  1. Make Yoga as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool to heal. Heal the incurable diseases of mankind which do not have any definite answers in other systems of medicines.
  2. Invents Diagnostic tools based on Yoga. #makeinindia
  3. Affordable Healthcare – through online clinics in Rural and far-reaching areas of India to make Vision of Shree Narendra Modi’s #HealthcareForAll a true reality.
  4. Promote Nature based Indian traditional art of therapy and develop HealthCare and Criticare module of treatments which are completely safe. Supporting the various initiatives of #Ayushministry
  5. Bring health care at home and make Criticare at home a reality. Making healthcare affordable and also reducing the stress on Government and private overworked healthcare infrastructure.
  6. Physical Health & Fitness through Atmaveda yog. #MyLife,MyYoga #FitIndia
  7. Mental Health awareness, support and therapy. #Mentalhealthawareness
  8. Build sustainable Healthcare industry, education and research.#Atmanirbharbharat
  9. Education based on yogic life-sciences.
  10. Create job opportunities by skill based training #skillindia

Field of company work:-

  1. Healthcare
  2. Diagnostic
  3. Infotech (health related)
  4. Medicine (homeopathic/herbal/ayurvedic/natural)
  5. Research
  6. Education
  7. Skill development
  8. Corporate workshop


  1. Shri. Narendra Modiji. PM India
  2. Late Shri Abdul Kalam ji, Former President of India
  3. Shri. Sharadchandra Pawar saheb. our beloved leader. Former CM Maha., President NCP


Dr. Sadanand Shivram Rasal


Dr Sadanand Rasal is a BHMS graduate from Pune University. After years of General Practice and Running a Speciality Diagnostic Centre in Pimpri, Pune he became disciple of Yoga, Spirutuality and Holistic Medicine. Through a dedicated research work for nearly 10 years under his Gurus he developed extensive knowledge of cellular healing and reversal of cellular ageing.

The Research work included -

  1. Biochemical disease markers.
  2. Immune markers.
  3. Anthropometric analysis.
  4. Chakra physiology.
  5. Psycho somatic axis.
  6. Somato-psychic axis.
  7. Hormones as health indicators and disease markers.
  8. Alternative approach in modern diagnostic tools and methods.

Using all of this knowledge and experience now along with his partners Dr Sadanand Rasal has founded Atma Veda Yog pvt limited. A company which strives to prevent transform and treat diseases with no answers.


Happiness is a result of,
Liveliness & Love
Illness free life
Enlightened mind

Healing Philosophy

Heal from within

Diagnose cause of disease with help of inovative yog based diagnostic tools and then treat in the most natural way in accordance with the laes of nature with diet, exercise and medicine.

Pillars of company

Health care division
Diagnostic division
Research division
Education and institution
Infotech division
Corporate division
Community & National service

Partner’s & Associate’s

Mrs Shital Narendra Dhole

Yog instructor and advanced yog expert.

Mrs. Shital Dhole a Young dynamic entrepreneur, She is also a Director of Atmavedayog pvt ltd. She is in-charge of the wellness programme and heads the Management and customer support.


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